Sign you might be a girl #236:

When you use not one, but two different hair care products in an attempt to ensure the death of a spider that you can no longer see, but that you've already trapped between an empty yoghurt container and a piece of paper and thrown in the garbage.

Shut up, it seemed to make sense at the time. Now I just have to remember now to throw any matches in the garbage...

Of course, classic me, I captured the spider against the wall with the yoghurt container, then didn't really think through the next step -- the "killing it and disposing of its putrid body" part. Venus came over to check out what I was doing, and I told her I didn't really think things through.

Who's surprised that I talk to my cats like they're rational and can understand me? No one.

Now, tomorrow I will remember to call my professor, mail in the BBM survey, and buy death-to-spider spray.

Maybe they sell something for neighbours, too... I just love that my neighbours hang out their window to smoke -- it makes my bedroom smell oh-so-wonderful.

Also, I don't hold no truck with drama. It's entertaining from a distance, but I'm glad I'm not really a part of it. Or am I? :P

Edited to add: also killed the teenage spider on the ceiling of the bathroom. Apparently he hadn't heard of my policy.

Why are all spiders male in my world? Does this represent deep-seated issues or what? Maybe I should just start naming them all after ex-boyfriends. Or at least one -- call 'em all UBFM and be done with it.

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