I had a dream last night that I was getting married. I had everything together - dress, flowers, rings, venue, etc., yet none of it was what I wanted. Everything had been chosen by someone else, and I didn't really feel good about any of it. I'm pretty sure I was content with the guy, but... can't recall.

I'm debating removing one of my piercings. It tends to interfere a little, and while I like the way it looks, it's not really serving its purpose. Ah well, no rush.

My various emotions and feelings are all over the place lately. I miss some people very strongly, and I'm jealous of a friend of mine who said s/he'd had a 6-hour fuck fest.

I've downloaded the Numa Numa song, and shut up, I love it. I knew I did before, but it's so happy and stupid, I enjoy it (there Jay, I've posted about my music interests).

I need to get more sleep so I stop crabbing at people. :)

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