It was a rough time to be a cat in this household this weekend. I pretty much sat on Venus at one point; she was in my black desk chair, I didn't turn on the lights, I have a big ass, she's a small cat... she was fortunately unharmed. Thena was occupying the chair at a time when I wanted it and she didn't want to let me have it, so I spent a good five to ten minutes tormenting her and making her grumpy. It's a fun game if you play it right.

I think Thena might've defended the household from a six year old girl. The house that used to house my crazy drunken hippy neighbours has sat seemingly empty for some time now. However, it may have been taken over by a large family and/or their extended family/friends. They were over all weekend doing something I couldn't quite determine, but it woke me up early Saturday (okay, 10:30ish, which was earlier than I wanted to be up), which made me crabby.

I put Thena out on her harness and leash, since it was gorgeous out and she loves to be outside and annoys the crap out of me if she isn't and wants to be. Some time passed, and I heard a young girl crying and being comforted by her mother (I presume).

Now, I have no way of knowing for sure, but, I like to theorize that little girl came on to my property (ever since they cut down the big tree, my 'backyard' is even more open) to pat the nice kitty. Nice kitty isn't so nice, however, and took a chomp out of little girl. Owner of said not-so-nice kitty would find this very funny, and an important life lesson to both little girls and parents: never pat an animal you don't know, always ask permission first (as did the little girl who saw not-so-nice-kitty in her very not-so-nice days at my former apartment), and parents -- keep an eye on your little boys and girls and teach them life lessons #1 and #2.

Okay, so I'm a horrible human being, but you'd better believe my kids are going to respect other peoples' property and pets.

I keep thinking that my nails are fake. They're fairly long (at least, for me), and I painted them out of boredom last week, so they really don't seem like mine. Not biting them and applying massive layers of chemicals has made them somewhat strong, too, and suddenly I keep thinking I have acrylics on again. They're starting to interfere a little with my typing, just like when they're fake. I'm so proud of myself.

GLR and I were in WalMart on Friday around 10. That's now my favourite time to be in a WalMart, because all of the mentally deficient people have gone home to be taken care of after someone ran them over in the store or parking lot. At least, I can only hope the idiots have been flattened at some point or another, 'cause I'm coming close to doing it myself (I was in WalMart again today -- can you tell?). Anyhow, I went through the electronics section and picked up Gilmore Girls season 6, and made a "glee!" noise when I saw volume 1 of Animaniacs on the shelf. So there goes the rest of my birthday money, but I don't regret it -- a huge bookshelf, three pairs of jeans, and two DVD on TV sets. I also picked up a DVD tower for cheap, and it rang up even cheaper than it was posted at, so I have to eventually unpack and set that up. It's like I'm getting organized or something!

I've composed much more interesting posts in my head several times this past week, and none of them have made it on to my site, as I'm sure you've noticed. It's been a very low-key week for me, and I've been glad for it. I'm going to be starting to do some web work at work, and I'm looking forward to that, in a "oh good god I'm a geek for enjoying this" sort of way. It helps that I absolutely adore the web mistress at work -- she's hilarious, and I actually leave her desk with a huge grin on my face. Friday I left work laughing, and Thursday I was there late, laughing with her, and didn't care. Now granted, the work would be a bit easier if our desks were closer together, but we'll see.

I had a good long conversation with Ben last week, too. Semi plans are underway to go visit him, and Markuk is talking about flying me out to visit him. Apparently it's my year for field trips! :)

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