I had a good, though slightly messed-up weekend this weekend. Friday night I went out to the Dirty Oak with a bunch of friends. I didn't get entirely hammered, but it was what I needed after two crazy weeks at work and the possibility that I was going to have to go in to work this weekend (which didn't happen, fortunately).

The cats were bugging me the next morning around 9, so I kicked them out of the bedroom. The next time they were bugging me, I kept rolling around and trying to get back to sleep and it wasn't happening, so I checked the clock -- it was noon. I futzed around for a bit before I got a phone call from R and N and went out to Mexi's for lunch. Then S and N joined up with us, we had Wendy's for dinner (and I've hereby exceeded my budget for spending money and then some, especially after last night's excursion to the drugstore for improved facial and hair products), and I ended up staying up with N until sometime after 2.

Saturday night didn't really get enough sleep, but I did make a pumpkin pie and did my dishes, then went out to my parents' place with the GLR for dinner. My sister and I didn't crank at one another as much as last time, and my mom's cousin was there, so it worked out. My dad's aunt passed away and yesterday was my aunt's birthday (and it was around this time of year five years ago that my grandmother died), so my aunt was somewhat affected by it all. Poor lady.

Hydro, bike insurance, apartment insurance, bike loan, Rogers, rent, telephone bill. Payday is on Wednesday. I should be okay to pay it all, but I won't have much spending money in between. No big deal -- once I get Gilmore Girls back from N and some good stuff scrolls back around on the Rogers on Demand (and provided they do take all the discounts off my account that they were supposed to), I'll be even better off. No more $400 bills to Rogers! :P (Note to self: give more thought to adding the $10 for 2500 text messages plan to your cell phone bill, 'cause at $0.15/message after the 125 you get, it can add up quickly).

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