Enamoured, infatuated, in love...

I had a discussion with my boss today, of all people, about boys and love and so on. She said when she first met her husband, she just knew that he was the one for her. I have a cousin who first asked out her now-husband. I know I've made the first move a few times with boys, and I've met the odd guy here and there where I just really wanted them to be as into me as I was into them. I've also met boys where I felt comfortable knowing that they were into me, and it wasn't something I had to question or doubt.

Do guys also get the "I know this is the one for me" feeling?

I've thought I've felt it a few times before, and been very wrong, so I feel suspicious of any kind of positive/hopeful feelings now when it comes to relationships. Maybe not always, but sometimes. There are times I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, because I can be a paranoid twit.

I don't want anyone to read this and think that all I want out of life is a ring on my finger. That would be shallow and ridiculous. What I want is the companionship and the comfort and the someone to lean on and share burdens with. And someone to share the bills with. :)

I thought I had more to say, but I can't think of it. Got a situation ironed out though, and I think it has a favourable outcome. At least, I don't seem to have lost all ties with someone that I found interesting, which is nice. Would've been rather disappointing otherwise.

Also, I could really go for sex right now. Damn this libido of mine, and its crazy schedule!


CeltiX said...

I don't know that I've ever had the She's the one for me" feeling. I've had the "I could spend my life with her" feeling because I felt SO compatible with someone, but alas, it never panned out.

And I agree, keeping in touch with interesting peope is always a good thing, and it's one I don't force to happen nearly often enough!

Carl said...

I'm not convinced of those "we just knew" connections. Lots of people feel completely enamored with one another... for a while. When it turns out to work for them, they can look back on the beginning and think of it as meant to be. But there are lots of us who've been blown away by someone only to later become unblown away. It's probably just luck.

Jamie said...

I've thought I felt that. But either I've been wrong or I've made a horrible mistake that has ruined my one true chance at happiness.

I hope I was wrong. :)

Jen said...

It's okay, it was me, you can admit it. ;)

Man, word verification systems suck when you've been drinking.

Jamie said...

It's true, Jen. Ever since you threw yourself on me... well, fell on me... the first time we met. :P