This made me laugh way too much:

My score on The What Is Your Orgasm Face? Test:


The Ugly
(Your orgasm face is 50 passive and 49 aggressive!)

"This is self explanatory. As there must be balance in life, there must be yin and yang, light and dark, mom and dad, left and right, etc. And if the sex is so damn good you do not care that you are spitting and drooling and looking cross-eyed at your partner like a slimy pseudo Shrek impersonator exploding with glee, chances are, your partner is horrified. Hell you might even scare them into orgasm (see The Face of Fear category).

This look has destroyed many a relationship and marriage. And not because you're a bad lover. It's just...well it's goddamn freaky is what it is. Who likes to have sex with aliens? NO I'm talking Ridley Scott/H.R. Giger Aliens people! Hell, in my experience in face to face combat with "The Ugly", I was scared I was gonna get EATEN ALIVE and immediately started beating her with my shoe. I didn't mean to, it's just instinct of survival.

You're a good lover and a good listener. Use those attributes to your advantage to save yourself from any uneeded abuse, and thus ruining the love-making experience. Be courteous, and either:
a) Switch to a position facing AWAY from each other.
b) Bury your face in the nape of their neck, chest, breasts, whatever, etc.

Partners of "The Ugly" can do the same, or alternately, if their partner has long hair, they can wrap it around their eyes like a bandana and pray to god it ends quick.

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Take it!
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