Just a quick note before bed (out of all the thoughts I've been having lately that have not made it into post form):

I was playing Trivial Pursuit 90s today with R, N and OFK. I was seated facing OFK. There was a question about some president calling Tipper Gore the second lady of vice (Tipper Gore being the answer -- remember this if it ever comes up!). OFK said he wondered who the first lady of vice was. I gave him a big wink, cracked us both up.

I like when I'm funny -- it's only ever off-the-cuff stuff, but it makes me laugh.

We seemed to keep getting similar questions coming up, or questions that had the same answer over and over again. One highlight was Jaguar, from the Atari gaming system. The others I don't exactly recall.

Anyhow, time for bed -- as usual, running off of a sleep deficit. And hey, I have a paper to write tomorrow that's due Monday. Fortunately there's also a baby party/open house I want to attend tomorrow, so you'd better believe the pressure will be on.

I spent time watching "Date Movie" today, because it was 'free' through my Rogers on Demand. Horrible, horrible movie. Not even worth it for the Alyson Hannigan. Poke your eyes out first.

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