Thanks to Sarah for letting me know that my comments were screwed up. That's what I get for using an out-of-date system, I guess (damn you Yaccs, for not supporting your product!). Time to try out the Blogger comment system again, this time without requiring my approval to post them. :)


Jen said...


Carl said...

Your YACCS comment system was doing some weird stuff even before the recent complete collapse. Blogspot comments are a hassle though. They make us sign in with our Google accounts. Google is obviously The Man and we're being monitored for subversive activity.

Oh, and on the topic of subversive activity, your latest Whore's Boudoir article isn't really all that juicy. We want details, not just vague allusions to your perverted tastes.

Jen said...

Well, you don't have to comment with your google account - you can sign as anonymous and leave a name, or you can sign in as 'other'... it's not ideal, but it was a quick fix. I'm using Haloscan on the WB, since I'm not running a blogger template there. If it works out, I might implement it here.

And yes, I know it's not full of perversion, but that'll come soon enough. There just isn't much to say that's exciting when the majority of my action is coming from me. :)

I do have a couple of 'worst sex ever' stories I plan on sharing -- would that qualify?

Anonymous said...

While you're at it - move to the new Google format and enable your RSS feed too.



Carl said...

It's always fun to share worst-sex stories. It can be subjective though, as some people's tales of woe center around how boring various partners have been. And others have tales of clumsy sex or dumb sex ideas to tell. But it's your web page so we'll happily read your stuff. I'll be waiting with bated breath.

Jen said...

Markuk, there is an RSS feed for my site, through LJ.

And I'm avoiding as much google stuff as possible. So there. :)