I feel like such a genius now that I know a bit more HTML. Suddenly I can troubleshoot my site a bit better, and I can do things like detect changes in URLs that make for broken links in my archives. See, it takes someone with *real* skills in HTML to recognize that the removal of the pathname /archives/ in a URL will result in links that suddenly work once more.

Oh, that's right -- this isn't just a pretty face. It's also a pretty face that's plotting to do something awful to my neighbours, who despite being asked to keep the noise down, haven't done a damn thing to accommodate that simple request. Good thing for them it's actually fine in my bedroom, otherwise... well, otherwise, the ceiling would get a hell of a pounding from the Swiffer right now, lemme tell you.

That's right, I'm fierce, especially with the Swiffer. That thing kills more spiders than anything else in this household... *glares at the cats*

Yeah, it's past my bedtime and then some.

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