Well, for those of you who don't know (i.e., anyone I haven't already told), I'm now the slightly-ashamed owner of a laptop.

I say slightly ashamed because I already own a decent desktop system, and the main reason for getting a laptop is so that I now have a portable wordprocessor/internet time waster.

I didn't get anything especially fancy, and I did order it through Dell, same as my desktop, so all you haters can get your venom and complaints out of your system now. :)

I'm also learning about wan and lan networking, and I set up the home network myself (with some advance guidance from my dad, who set up the wan). I've had to do a bit of other trouble-shooting, because my laptop appears to have a personality disorder -- which just means that it takes after me, I suppose. :)

Life has been what it has been the last while. I've been seeing a bunch of some of my friends, and neglecting school (what else is new?). Last night Ben, Moose and I went to see Stomp the Yard, 'cause I love dance movies, I think step dancing and breakdancing is fascinating, and I know that Ben is into dance movies as well. :)

It's been frustrating at times trying to get plans together with various people; over the holidays was somewhat brutal, and there have been other days more recently with the same problem. I can't decide if it's in my best interest to stop trying, or if I should keep poking at people. I imagine I should probably instead focus on schoolwork, but... that's just too responsible.

I'm quickly growing to despise what I believe are new neighbours. Loud music late into the night; fortunately for them, I can't hear it in the bedroom, otherwise we'd have to have words. I was tempted to introduce myself the other night at 3 a.m., but it was quiet enough when I wasn't in the living room. I also have the behind-me neighbours who like to leave their alarm clocks on on the weekends and who can be rather loud, too. *sigh* I love the location of my apartment, but I hate the people around me.

I've also been told by Markuk that my laptop will only be a worthy acquisition when he sees my name on a byline somewhere. I'm not sure what he'll do if he doesn't, but hey -- I've been updating the Whore's Boudoir semi-regularly again, and I have a few more ideas in the works. Slowly but surely, I'll get back into this writing thing. Especially since having a laptop makes me feel like a writer; it's just a matter of getting used to this keyboard. :)

Anyhow, I think I should probably try to eat some dinner now. I'll try to come up with something more exciting to say later.

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