My own meme (and a desperate bid for attention!). Leave a Valentine's Day message for me in the 021407 community, either under my user ID or name, and I'll do the same for you in return. :)

And it looks like I'll probably be throwing another "Fuck the couples, we're the singles!" party this year. Last year's ice cream and bad romantic movies seemed to go over okay, so perhaps a similar theme this year will be carried out. Details to follow.

In other news, I'm still alive and kicking. I don't really have a valid excuse for not updating, just a whole bunch of brain hurtings going on. As previously alluded to, I had a long chat with some friends on the weekend that either left them upset with me for how I was saying things, or they were just teasing me because that's what we do. Especially for a communications grad, I find it very challenging to express myself sometimes; that's why I love the written word so much, because I can pick and choose my words over and over again, and I can't get interrupted, and my words can't get twisted the same way. One of the things I find so frustrating about my friends is when I'm trying to get a serious point across, and they're so busy teasing me and joking about what I'm saying that they put words in my mouth and sometimes even get offended for things I'm not saying -- just things they're saying 'on my behalf.'

That's something that got between the Pompous Ass and I, too.

Holy fuck is my brain a mess right now. I love that in the absence of drama, I start to create it within myself. Like my brain says, oh, things with your friends are fairly stable right now? Right. I'm going to throw a whole bunch of confusing emotions, wants, needs and thoughts your way. Hahaha, fuck you, that's what you get for wasting my grey matter on crap television and so on.

I'm trying very hard to work through what I want right now, and I'm just spinning in circles. So in the meantime, I'm trying to keep from making any snap judgements and just give things time to play out. Maybe by then I'll have the ovaries to step up and say, "this is what I want" and see how the chocolate chips fall, and be able to deal with the inevitable fallout when the response is something akin to, "That's nice, fuck off."

As you can see, I'm anticipating a positive reaction. Seems only fair.

Anyhow, I have a long day of work and javascripting ahead of me tomorrow. Stupid final assignments. At least I'm doing well in the course; now I just get to sweat the final exam, after I finish all of my quick CSS-cramming. Urgh, my brain meats are full -- and that's without the thesis hanging over my head. I love stress!

Also, not that I know this first-hand or anything, but having thong underwear torn off your body can give you a wedgie like a sumbitch.


Carl said...

...having thong underwear torn off your body can give you a wedgie like a sumbitch.

Did you read this somewhere or is this some sort of hypothesis you cobbled together while staring off into empty space?

Jen said...

Um, I ... read it somewhere?