Okay, well, this is both sad and disgusting.

I saw Night at the Museum last night with the Newf, and had a great time. The movie was decent, the company was great, and we both had a lot of fun together. It's nice when you can part on good terms with an ex- -- I include in this the runner (though we don't actually speak anymore, I think because I turned him down for a booty call that one time), the GLR (who still needs a new name), Moose (though that took some doing)... this just goes to show that I do date good people, and I can end things on good terms. Sometimes.

I was having concerns lately about my perceived tendency to use people. I should say that the perception is mine; I worry that I use people, in many ways: leaning on friends when I need support, flirting with friends or past exes when I need a self-esteem boost, booty-calling exes when I need some lovin'... I've been in situations where exes requested sex and I turned them down for various reasons, but when I requested sex, I usually got it. Is this a sign of me using someone, or is it just a sign that my exes are more willing/able to put out than I am? Maybe I just caught them at the right moment.


Daigu said...

Just reading about that show...how exactly does one medically verify a man's virginity?

Daigu said...

Oh, and about the rest of the post, I'd imagine that if yo'ure making a booty call, they're using you as as much as you're using them...I'm not sure if that'll make you feel better.

Carl said...

The difference is that you're a girl and your exes are guys (until you start making good your new year's resolution). Guys gladly accept sex pretty much 24/7 with little need for deliberation. Girls cogitate over an ever changing heap of internal stuff before deciding to grind or not. It's not whether or not you're using them - it's more about what's fair. And since the guys whose booties you call upon are boinking you just as much as you're boinking them, it's pretty danged fair.