I was doing some vanity hunting just now, trying to see who might be linking to the Whore's Boudoir lately. Tragically, my site is on a few peoples "dead sites" or "not updating" lists, but hopefully that'll change.

As well, I found a site where people can rank and make comments; the only comment I had was a 2/5 stars, and the remark, "she's boring." Ah well...

At the same time, I've been more active on Fark.com lately, to the point where I've even signed up for a TotalFark membership, and I've twice gotten comments about my blog from other people in various comment threads, both positive. It's the best kind of blog-whoring; the kind where I don't have to do any of the work myself. ;)

I'm wondering if it might be worth evolving it a little to include some stories from my sex life; I do have a 'worst sex story ever' article I mean to post at some point, and it might be fun to share some of the highlights, too. After all, I post them here at times, but I'm sure not everyone is eager to read about my masturbation habits, much as I might enjoy sharing them. The thing is, it's not even an exhibitionist thrill for me, sharing things like that; rather, I just think some of these things are hilarious and want to talk about them and ideally, make others laugh as well.

Case in point; over the summer, some friends and I had a game whereby we would text message each other every time one of us got laid and/or got off (I can separate the two; not all of my experiences combine them, more's the pity) -- I'm sure I told you about it at the time. I was also going through one of my crazy horny periods, what I now think of as 'business as usual,' and so I was texting people semi-regularly. Maybe too regularly, given that one of my friends said to another that I masturbated an awful lot.

Well, not all of it was masturbating, and even still -- I found it hilarious, not insulting. Go me!

In fact, that sounds like a great idea. Pardon me, won't you? ;)


Carl said...

Actually, your masturbatory adventures would probably be really interesting to read. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone else injuring herself while getting off.

A few friends of mine had a game wherein they convinced whoever it was they just fucked to call up one or more of the other guys and recite some silly phrase that I can't remember anymore.
It's a challenge to coax a girl home but it's even more challenging to get her to call your friend and recite some phrase she doesn't really understand. I regret never participating.

Jen said...

*grin* The sad thing is, it's not the first time I hurt myself masturbating. The other occasion involved a dildo that was simply too large for me that evening. I don't use it that often, but that night I wanted to, and I ended up regretting it. Ah well. :)

Anyhow, no one says you can't get your ladyfriend to participate in your game now -- nostalgia for your friends. :)

Jamie-WTTY said...

Where can I sign up for this notification service?

And I know at least one other person who hurt herself masturbating.

FunkyM said...

Sadly it is rather easy for guys to hurt themselves in the act as well. :P

I do enjoy your posts however, I certainly wouldn't classify them as boring!