New post up at Whore's Boudoir. Not sure it's any good, but... I tried.

Ever have a day where it just doesn't seem worth it to put on pants? Yeah, that's been my day. Writing was a challenge, yet it's something I wanted to do all day, but only barely managed around 11 p.m. :P

I saw Ghost Rider the other night with the Pompous one. Shut up, I went in expecting it to be not-great, and I enjoyed myself. It was motorcycle porn, and it made me miss my bike again, something I've been complaining about regularly this winter.

I went out for a skate on Wednesday, and I was back out on the ice briefly with the Newf on Saturday. I managed to skate one length on Wednesday, but didn't want to chance too much more (i.e., returning back the way I came) because my back was sore. Saturday we did a fraction of the distance, due to crowds and lack of time. I caught my skate in a really deep groove at one point and went down on one knee, which was frustrating. After that, I felt pretty wobbly, but still had to get back to the start.

Saturday night I joined Stefan, Kristin, Jordan, Ryan and a few others for a drink to celebrate Kristin's new employment. Lucky us, the bar does metal nights on Saturdays. And they do very loud metal nights, too. I did amuse everyone towards the end by trying to do the running man dance -- much easier in bowling shoes in a bowling alley than it is in winter boots on carpet, for the record.

I'm currently lying on my stomach on my bed typing this, and Venus is stretched out on my back and butt, with her paws stretched along my leg. My cats are varying degrees of retarded, but I love them. I actually got a few pictures of Thena lying on top of Venus earlier this evening; I don't know how well they'll come out because it was in the dark and on my cell phone, but I tried.

There's more I could say here, but it just has to do with my hormones, so I'll leave it be for now. In the meantime, a shout out to the Pompous Ass; happy birthday, sweetie m'lord. Here's hoping you can make some time for me so I can celebrate it with you. :)

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