Thought process from earlier this afternoon:

"Y'know, some girls get romanced with flowers and chocolate. Me, I get nipple clamps and real police handcuffs. Well, eventually I'll get the handcuffs, apparently. It's good being me."

"I wonder -- maybe it's this kind of thing that has people saying I'm intimidating."

"Mind you, it's not like I'm *that* upfront about this kind of thing."

"Okay, so usually not in the first five or ten minutes of meeting me, but... well, sometimes."

"This is probably one of those things that would be too much information from anyone else, but from me, it's par for the course."


Reminds me of the New Year's party I was at this year, actually. I may have already told this story, but I'm too lazy to check.

R and N's place has a half-wall between the kitchen and dining room; basically a support wall for the house and a place for the appliances to plug in, but for all intents and purposes, the two rooms are completely open to one another. I was in the kitchen with female N and male N, and much of the rest of the crew, including R, was in the dining room.

I had arrived about 5-10 minutes before, dropped off my bag and so on within R's field of vision, but he had his back partially turned and so didn't see me.

In the kitchen, I was joking about taking N into the basement to make out with him, and possibly other nonsense.

R spoke up and said: "Jen, I didn't know you were here, but as soon as I heard "making out in the basement, I knew."

Yeah, it would seem I have a reputation. :P

Stefan's roommate T also said a few weeks ago that he liked when I was over, because I always had a story to tell, and many of them were sexual and/or shocking. Go me. :)

Anyhow, the cupcakes I made are cooling on the counter (chocolate with caramel creamcheese and chocolate chip topping; I'll let you know how they go), and I need a shower. Anyone who can come up with an idea for the next awesome gift for me may get invited to join in (no, I don't expect to receive any of these). ;)


Carl said...

The way you've described your sexual interests and apetites, I think you must be pretty exciting. In weighing such sexual allure against the chocolate cupcakes with caramel creamcheese and chocolate chip topping, however, I'd have to opt for the cupcakes. So sorry!

Jen said...

Ooh, ouch!

Anonymous said...

Would you prefer chocolates and flowers if you had the option?

Seems like different messages, really. There's something nice about flowers, they're for you from someone who wants you to feel special and appreciated.

Crochless underpants and vibrating chewtoys betray much shallower intentions, I think.


Jen said...

Well, I was going to say that it could be someone who just knows my interests better.

The people who've given (or promised) me these gifts are ones who wouldn't hesitate to give me flowers or chocolate if they thought I wanted or needed them.

Jamie-WTTY said...

See, the best would be both the flowers and chocolates and the nipple clamps and handcuffs, no?

Which reminds me, I have a spare set of shackles if you're interested...

Jen said...

If they're a no-strings gift, I wouldn't turn 'em down. ;)

Carl said...

The handcuffs seem like they'd be fun until you actually try using them. They're rigid and require lots of care in how the detainee is handled. Rope, on the other hand, is absolutely fantastic. It's flexible so the detainee can be maneuvered as gently or as roughly as your imagination demands. You can use it in lots of different ways. PLUS your folks will be completely clueless about it if they pop in for a surprise visit and you left a few lengths of it lying about.

Jen said...

Oh, I've played with handcuffs before, and I'm familiar with their limitations. There's a reason I'm quite fond of my custom-made leather cuffs with the D rings and the buckles, instead. :)

(Also available as ankle cuffs, and they come with a matching collar -- all custom-made, and the ankle cuffs I made myself. :)

Jamie-WTTY said...

No strings attached, sure. That's what the shackles are for. ;)