Every morning as I'm getting ready for work, I listen to the radio. If I hear enough weather reports, eventually one will sink in -- or so I theorize.

Anyhow, this morning on the radio, they were talking to a guy who's planning his third climb up Mount Everest. This trek is to honour a professor with whom he worked who died last year while climbing.

On my way to work, I cross two different fields; one near my apartment, the other near my work. The wind this morning was quite impressive; I heard between 40 and 60km/h. I know I was getting blown around a fair bit, and I'm not a lightweight.

The wind doesn't bother me, exactly; it's when it's blowing down my throat and making it impossible for me to breathe that I have a problem.

I couldn't help but contrast these two things on my walk in this morning, and I have to admit, I felt kinda pathetic.

I've also placed a phone call to the company that holds the URLs that I registered for my two main sites, ichaseboys.com (for this site) and whoresboudoir.com for the WB. I was getting geared up to write a *very* angry email, since this is an issue I've been trying to have resolved since October, but decided I was going to hunt down emails to cc: the world. In the process of doing so, I found that the company has been merged into something else (which probably explains why the redirects that Gord set up were failing), and so I just phoned them directly. They're trying to get dig up the login info for me and are supposed to get back to me today. Then it's just a matter of learning how to do CSS again, and voila -- new site.

My trainer contacted me last week to see about starting to work out again. I texted her back and received no response (this has happened the last few times she and I have communicated, sometimes my fault, sometimes hers). I then had a dream last night that she called me up to meet at the gym and told me she didn't want to have me as a client anymore, so that was a little depressing.

I woke up Saturday morning to Thena under the comforter with me, snuggled up against me. Very cute. She also spent some time at another point sticking her paws in my face, which is always kind of her. Last night when I was trying to sleep, she was curled up in what would be the other person's side of the bed if I shared my bed with someone else. It's good to know she feels so entitled, but I guess it was a nice change from the cubic inch of space she was allowing herself to occupy at the end of the bed the last while. I suppose I should look into making my bed more often, but really... at this point, I'm too lazy to clean my apartment, I just want to move, instead.

Okay, never mind. I just did a scan of the places listed on craigslist, and about the only one I'd like is a good $300 outside of my current price range. Maybe one day I'll get rich and be able to afford a house, but not at this point. *sigh* I am bummed.

Anyhow, the cupcakes seemed to go over well, despite the slightly singeing of the bases. I had saved one for the Pompous Ass and it was a lucky thing I did; that was the only one that made it through the evening.

I also went helmet shopping with the PA on Friday night. He made me put on clothes -- I'd changed into yoga pants and a comfy top, and I had a glass of wine within arms' reach (provided I reached over the kitty), and I was half-tempted to just drink until it was late enough to go to bed. We ended up grabbing some food at Kelsey's after the helmet shopping, then he returned me to home and I forced another glass down my throat and went to bed around 1. I could've gone for another 12 hours of sleep on top of the 9 I got, I'm sure; Stefan and I were passing out on his couch before we left for the party Saturday night, and poor Andrea was going a mile a minute when she called and then showed up. She doesn't always get to socialize much, and I can be the same way when I haven't seen people in awhile, but that night... not so much. :)

But I medicated myself out of my homicidal rage Friday night and then a bit more on Saturday, and that was good. I don't like being angry, but if this hosting company doesn't get back to me by the end of today, I might just be. *grrr* Same if the media doesn't stop calling with ridiculous stuff, though I was able to give one of the calls to my coworker. Some of the others just aren't calling back, which is fine by me; now if I could only get this communications work off my desk so I could turn to the website design, that would be excellent. :P


Anonymous said...

You have very different insulation requirements than a mountainclimber on Everest. While you might be miserable in a stiff wind, imagine how rediculous he'll look at the media scrum in a red fleece jumpsuit and astronaut pants.

I hope your gym girl gets back to you! What sort of workout are you aiming to do?


Jen said...

The same as before; free weights and cardio. Lose weight, blah blah blah.