And here is how the DB complements me well.

I'm kind of a pushover when it comes to talking about money. I don't like to haggle and I don't like to negotiate. If I'm asking for a price for something I own, I will lower the price if it benefits the other person or if it seems I'm asking too much; by contrast, if I'm buying something from someone, I will offer more money if it seems to sway them.

The DB, on the other hand, has some 11 years experience in business, and feels more comfortable in these discussions it would seem.

Case in point -- when we gave notice to our management company that we intended to move out, they insisted we provide 60 days notice. Okay, fine. Then, they stated that even if we were to give notice on September 15th, for example, we would be held as tenants until November 30th; I think so that they wouldn't have to split rent months. Okay, fine. Annoying, but whatever.

However, this lack of willingness to negotiate on their part has meant that we've become a little more... shall we say, set in our ways on issues where they need us to do things. Property viewings to prospective tenants? No, those have be after 6:30 p.m., when one or both of us is available. A daytime showing is not acceptable -- after all, we both work 8-6 (give or take). I previously ranted about that situation, so I'll move on.

Next was a move-out viewing; they wanted to do Thursday the 20th -- well, we won't have started moving anything at that point, so how would Monday sound instead, when it's a bit easier to see things? I mean, we could have furniture blocking holes we've put in the walls (we don't, but it's possible). No problems. No, we won't insist that one of us has to be there, just please watch for the cats.

However, just now was a fun one. We have the property until November 30th, a Sunday. They don't get the property until 12:01 a.m. December 1st. The new tenants would like to start moving in on Saturday, November 29th -- is that doable for us? We'd change the utilities to reflect us stopping payment of them on the 28th instead, as the new folks would be responsible for them as of the 29th.

As always, I said I'd have to speak to the DB. I call him up, he's of the opinion that this isn't going to happen -- after all, they wouldn't let us out of our lease early, nuts to 'em. Will they give us back two days' worth of rent? We were going to use that weekend for cleaning -- do the new tenants want to do the cleaning instead?

I tell the DB I can call them up and just say we're still planning on using that weekend to move. I mean, hell, aside from the comment I made to the other property management person about how we're going to be doing some moving this weekend, as far as they know, we don't plan on budging a single possession before the 30th.

The DB, knowing my pushover tendencies, offered to call them up and talk to them about our options... after all, the previous tenants really didn't clean the place, and the management company didn't do anything about that. So, we'll see the outcome... I'm just glad it's him making that call and not me.

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