So. Freak-out time:

My deadline for submission, with supervisor's acceptance, of my research paper is December 1st.

We take possession of our new place November 21st, and we are moving from then until the end of the month (more or less). I'm off November 26th-28th (Wednesday-Friday).

I sent my professor my second chapter yesterday evening -- this one dealing with the research framework/methodology. I'd previously sent him my literature review, and he said he'd get back to me ASAP. These two sections form the groundwork for my analysis, which will comprise 17-19 pages; if they seriously suck, it's going to be a hella lot of work to replace (yes, this is how I write academically, too).

I got an 'Out of Office' reply to my email saying that my professor will be out of the office until November 25th.

So... I basically have to have everything to him before then (do-able) so that he can provide me with comments and notes that I can then take into consideration for re-writing my paper for December 1st. Arguable do-able.

If he hates it and I have to do a lot of re-writing? Challenge.

Extra-challenge? The appointment to switch the internet over is November 28th; so I may be sitting on the floor in an empty house for two days, writing on the laptop.

It's true, I didn't have enough stress before this... I'm so happy for this 'opportunity.'

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