February What? Done?
The 11th Qualitative Methods Midterm YES!
The 13th E-journal submission (to group)
The 14th Group dynamics paper due (group paper) YES!
The 18th Advertising case study due (2000 words) (in reading week!)
The 20th E-journal submission (to group)
The 27th E-journal due (submit to professor)
The 28th Negotiations paper/presentation due (group) -- 10 pages, 35 minute presentation, including 10 minute Q&A

March What? Done?
The 6th E-journal submission (to group)
The 7th Group Dynamics paper due (solo)
The 13th E-journal submission (to group)
The 20th E-journal due (submit to professor)
The 28th Group Dynamics paper due (solo)
The ?? Negotiation due (???)

APRIL What? Done?
The 8th Qualitative Methods presentations (group)
The 9th Culture jamming project due (advertising)
The 11th Group dynamics presentation
The 15th Qualitative Methods presentations (group)
The 16th Media Industries due before noon (20-25 pages) (in threes)
The 22th Ad techniques midterm due (take-home)
The 25th Group dynamics paper due (10-12 pages) (group)
The 26th Negotiation take-home due (take-home)

And of course, this doesn't include my work schedule (see prior weeks for that), as well as my group meetings, readings and other crap. Who needs a life? Apparently I have to meet with my prof regarding another one of our projects that I'm wondering if even knew about... fuck! And it's not an option, either -- it's a must. That pisses me off.

Y'know what else bugs me? When profs send emails and they're not properly formatted or laid out. Learn to use the technology! I mean, do they just not care what they send to students, or would they send a 'professional' email the same way? Bah. :)

Anyhow, off to try to get some work done (I keep flipping around, trying to figure out what the hell paper I should be working on, and thereby getting no work done. :P).

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