Today's attempt at interesting news:

I got my nails done yesterday for the first time. I'm now sporting some acrylic fancies with rounded edges and a french manicure. Funky funky.

Then today I got my hair cut, and the guy who did my hair also works at a salon near my place, so he told me I should stop by to say hi. We were talking about tanning (he was much more tan than I), and he was trying to encourage me to stop by and tan, and I believe that he was even offering me a free first tan. We'll see if I actually do it. :)

I was really tempted to get my second tattoo today, but I've spent so much money the last few days that I just couldn't justify it at the moment. That and my vitamin E pills are at home, and I didn't feel like spending the money to buy more. I figure I'll wait and have it done for my birthday or some other special occasion that I make up.

Got the wedding tomorrow, which is why I'm working 6 a.m. until noon tomorrow. Urgh. I plan on being very cranky. :)

Anyhow, nothing too exciting today, but I like my last post, so that'll be today's exciting content. Enjoy. :)

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