Digger slept on my bed last night (which is usual for him). He was pacing around when I was going through my nightly routine. Sometimes he'll give up and just go downstairs and sleep. Sometimes I'll go retrieve him. :)

Anyhow, last night he was sleeping on my bed in various funny poses, and I was reading so I was moving around every once in awhile. He woke up at one point and sat right up and had a sneezing fit of about a dozen sneezes in a row. I was kinda concerned for him, but he settled down again and went back to sleep afterwards. I think sleeping on his back (as he had been before the sneezing) might've gotten some air or dust up his little nose, and he had to get it all out. My comforter had evidence of kitty snot on it afterwards. ;) (Just some spots that were a bit wet, not actually boogies). It was pretty funny.

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