things that piss me off

Words that are deliberately stupidized.


Nite. Lite. I saw 'featherwates' today instead of 'featherweights.'

Where the fuck is it written that "lite" is more trendy, more cool, says to the consumer "Hey, this product is lower in fat and calories!" than "light"? Or how about the Wendy's "Late Nite Window" -- ?!? I'm driving along, it's 11 o'clock at night, I'm hungry... I drive right past the Wendy's that says "Late Night Window" 'cause I can't figure out what they mean, but head instead to the one that says "Late Nite Window."


I'm sorry, these rants are just sucking so far. I promise they'll get better when I actually have something to write about that really pisses me off.

I'm planning to have masochist tattooed across my ass. Or maybe my forehead, so everyone will know. I could always just go with 'stupid,' I suppose.

I'm off to read some of the archives around the time that a lot of the crap with the ex- was going down. Maybe that'll give me perspective.

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