I know I thought too far ahead and got too much emotionally invested in everything too soon, but it just seemed like it could really work, more so than any other relationships I've been in. Maybe it's just going to keep going like this for me, the better class of guys I date. That's really going to hurt a bunch until I find the guy I marry.

And I do, I told Di this this afternoon. I want to get married. I'd like to get married in the next few years, I think. Depending on the right guy, of course. I'm not desperate yet -- hell, I'm still too young. I feel like there's something wrong or hunted about saying that I'd like to get married, like maybe it's just because the people I'm hanging out with are older and settling down, but I don't want to wait until I'm 30 to have kids. I want to have them before then, so I'm still young enough to enjoy them.

I keep thinking of more to say. *sigh*

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