Oh yeah, forgot... long story short, on Saturday I was in the studio. I was curious if the coworker had found this place or not, as he had asked me once about a post that appeared here and on unCultured. He revealed that it was unCultured he had read, which I don't care about.

Anyhow, brat that I am, I checked out the history on his computer, and sure enough, every week or so he checks out unCultured, at least from work. For all I know, he hits it daily from home.

If you know the name of this site (which is never the way I refer to it, it's just 'my site'), and the name under which I post, you can find this place easily. Same thing if you search for my email address, or at least one of them (I've changed a few of them that I use here, so it's harder to find). Anytime I access my site or any site that points to it, I wipe the history of my computer -- I found out once that one of the jocks goes through the history every night he has a shift and checks out the sites that other people go to. By that time, I'd hit my site a bunch, so either he doesn't bother reading it or never bothered checking it out, or by the time his shifts came around, it had been removed from the history, I don't know.

So, anyways... I don't know if he can't find my site, or thinks that unCultured is it, but in the meantime, I'm assuming he hasn't found it and I'm happy. :)

I'm half-tempted to give the ex- the link to it... I barely talk about him anymore, but some of what's on here is pretty... not great... for someone to read about themself, so maybe I won't. At this point, I almost don't care if the coworker even finds it. *shrug* I know he's not a big reader, and he doesn't have the patience to sit down and read for long periods of time (his words, more or less), so I don't think he'd bother going back far enough to read anything that might get him really ranting at me. ;)

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