Plans for next posts:

A treatise on the word BUT and its importance in conversation, particularly with me.

A rundown on Friday night and the vast amounts of liquor I consumed, plus its effect.

A rundown on the conversation held from about 1-3 a.m. in my driveway with two old friends, K and G.

A very astute comment: "Sometimes love isn't enough." and interesting thoughts on jealousy. Is there really honestly such a thing as a totally non-jealous person? What if you've had bad experiences in your past where someone's hurt you or cheated on you or you suspect they cheated on you... are you still not jealous then? I mean, sure, rationally you may realize that person B is not person A, but how forgiving a person can you really be?

Vague weirdness and kinda down feelings today. Plans to dye the hair again, see how that turns out. Want a change and don't have any body parts to pierce? Leery about that next tattoo? Cut your hair already recently? Dye your hair, and make some minor changes.

Caught up on email today from work, that was good. I was feeling verbose. Now I just have to wait for replies I'm going to get, if any. :)

Spoke with/ran into some people I haven't seen in awhile; I was just a social butterfly! After flirting somewhat with the Loblaws cashier guy, I had the thought, "I'm back!" Hours later, I'm a little iffy on it, but we'll see what happens.

I think I need to distance myself from the online world I inhabit. I think I deal much better in face-to-face conversations; the only problem being, I generally seem to have more time for the online stuff. :P It's just that I have a number of friends who live out of the city or province or country, so... it's tough to see or talk to them, unless I use online (free...ish) means.

Okay, time to go check out Jay's site, at his demand, and go to bed. Schoolwork waits for no woman. :P

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