Sheesh... when it comes to making life interesting, when it rains, it pours in my little world.

The ex- wants to talk dirty to me, "cause it is stuff that you have heard before and you have more sexual experience and you explore sexuality more".

This is something I thought had been put long behind us. :P

Here's a bit more:

him: i'm afraid to ask, but any chance?
me: I'm going to bed very soon, and you have a girlfriend you profess to love. (sidenote: remember, a few weeks ago, they said their "I love yous" for the first time? Where does talking dirty to your ex-girlfriend over the computer while you beat off factor into an "I love you"? :P)
him: the forbidden adds to it i'm afraid
me: I see. Did you do anything like this while we were going out?
him: not at all, i promise
me: So why do you feel okay doing it to her?
him: i dont' know

There be issues there, I think. :P And now he's asking me if I want to hear it, despite morality issues. Frig... at first, phone or cyber sex was kinda fun. Then it got kinda old, especially when it seemed to be just for him. Yeesh. Not my problem anymore. Oh darn.

Geezus H. Christ. And I won't even tell you what Jay said to me! ;)

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