Ah, crap. Just lost all the content I'd written before 'cause it's no longer saved in my buffer. Ah well, it wasn't anything special. Got my card renewed at Chapters on the last day of the freebie offer they sent me and picked up a book that will either drive me insane, help out future columns, or give me some damn good ideas. ;)

What else?

Ah yes, clarify and reply to comments (which I always appreciate, I promise! :): last night, with me saying, "at first, phone or cyber sex was kinda fun," I meant that in reference to back when he and I were still together, which was quite some time ago now. It got old during that period of time. Basically, why I didn't say flat-out no right away was because I was trying to figure out if he had some kind of virgin/whore:girlfriend/ex-girlfriend thing going on (which was an issue at one point), and if he did, I was going to give him a right royal ear-blisterin'. ;)

But thank you for the question, it's only through them that I realize when things might be unclear to those people who aren't in my head, and even to those who are. :)

And that's a whole bunch of fuck: my necklace has now bit the dust, so I have to remember to get that to a jeweler and see if they can fix it; otherwise, I buy a new chain. :(

Okay, going to finish this here for now while I experiment with writing my own code for a survey on Whore's Boudoir. I may stick with the style that's there, we'll see. :) I'm thinking I might change the site to Aphrodite's Boudoir, but that might not go over so well with the URL. :P Anyhow, no biggie. For now, we rest. :)

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