The moral of the story:
And sometimes, you just have to laugh.

The result of the story:
From now on, I'm going to just stop in the middle of conversations with my friends and just start masturbating, and tell them that that's why I'm not talking anymore. Or surf for porn while talking to them, telling them if I find anything I like, and being all, "Back in a sec."

Of course, I realize that doesn't sound as ... threatening? as I had hoped it might.

It makes me laugh though, it really does.

The story:
Two different friends faded away tonight to masturbate while in mid-conversation! And the talks weren't even especially sexual in nature; they both just happened to be looking at porn at the same time as talking to me. Two different people!

It makes me laugh -- in a good way, I promise -- it really does. :)

And to those friends... I'm sorry, but I just had to write about it. *grin* Too much to pass up. :)

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