I have a strange cat. She's currently sitting in the window, behind my curtains, wide awake, sounding as if she's snoring. She's a loud breather in this way. It ... surprises me. Worries me sometimes.

I clicked on my creature at one point yesterday and it said he needed to poop. If you go the creature stats in the temple, it tells you how many poops he's had.

Moose kinda sorta not really came to my class yesterday. It wasn't a bad one -- my prof, who has an English accent, said he has difficulty because of his accent with the word "pawnbroker" and that it's even worse when he says "pawn shop," but he assured us that he was, in fact, saying pawnshop -- and yes, emphasized it in that manner.

I believe I caught the UTI in great time, since I felt pretty okay for much of yesterday, though very tired. Moose and I cruised through the shopping mall, sharing an ice cream cone and getting some reading material (that neither of us has time to read) from Coles.

Gah. I can't write more now -- I'm already running rather behind, but I should have plenty of time this afternoon, and I'm seriously in need of writing my article that I started on Tuesday and is going to become Friday's article. :P

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