Sorry I haven't posted much; I've either been sleeping (huzzah for 13 hours of sleep on New Year's Day), or hanging out with friends. I quick highlights reel before I finish getting ready for lunch and work:

From New Year's:
* Staying up until 6 in the morning, laughing at everything.
A few examples of this:
* "What's black and white and up a tree?" "My stove!"
* "That's the female's problem, not PoPo's."
* "Knock knock." "Who's there?" "Banana." "Banana who?" "I don't remember how the rest of it goes..."
* "Knock knock." "Banana."

* Getting to see Mark stumble home, three sheets to the wind, at 4:30 in the morning, talking in a vague Scottish accent.
* "I didn't expect to come home and see everyone still up! And you (pointing at me), I didn't expect you to be here at all!" (Said about two dozen times over the course of 90 minutes we were all awake.)
* Getting the business end of a paper umbrella in a very uncomfortable place (The back of a Volkswagen? No, the nipple -- thanks Mark!).
* Chatting with Jay for awhile, and being somewhat incredulous at what he was saying (what do you mean, be nicer? How am I being mean!?)
* Getting involved in the final Head Rub/Back Rub Orgy of 2002/first one of 2003 -- R is my minion, I am OFK's bitch, and N belongs to a few of us. ;)

From later that day:
* Hanging out with Moose.
* Finally getting to shower (two days in a row I got to feel grungy for most of the day).
* Forcing myself to stay up until 11 and being completely incoherent in the meantime (sorry Angus).
* Sleeping 13 hours straight! Wahoo! :)

Let's see, yesterday... went to work, hung out for a bit with Ben, chased Greg around downtown, then dinner over at Greg and Madeleine's in honor of Mark's birthday. Happy belated birthday Mark. :) S and Mad made a fantastic dinner, including an incredible cheesecake (so much for my possible resolution to cut back on sweets), and we watched High Fidelity and Harry Potter. I escape the Road Trip threat once more. ;)

Came home, stayed up until 5 in the morning (more or less), then had a bad dream. I had one the night before, as well. Last night's bad dream involved me being protected/chased by the FBI for something or another in a hotel -- I thought they were protecting me from some murderer or something, but it turns out it was all their agents that were chasing me. I ended up in the bar after the threat was over, and in my dream I knew the bartender, so she was going to pour me a huge glass of Baileys and I was going to get drunk. H, one of the security guards from work turned up with a mostly empty bottle of Baileys and gave it to me -- she said that she'd run into UBFM and he'd told her I liked it (which was weird, 'cause I didn't have it until years after he and I broke up). She gave me a hug and the bottle, and I went back into the bar.

I woke up shortly after that point.

The previous night's dream was one I think I'd had before. I was guarding some big storage building with a group of people (that was actually on the campus of my university in my dream -- in real life it was about where the heritage buildings are), and some people came along wanting to rent it, but they didn't have enough money (this time, it was J the security guard that hates me and a bunch of his friends), so they offered me some cocaine to make up the difference. I accepted and they stored a whole ton of equipment -- guns, tanks, stuff like that. Somehow my coworkers and I ended up in some gun fight with the guys (I think because they started destroying buildings on campus or something), and we were outside in front of a fountain (that only exists in my dream) when I start asking myself (and recognizing the dream as one I may have had before) why they needed to store so much stuff when they were waging such a small-scale battle. I realize that they want to blow up the building in a rather spectacular fashion, so I start running and getting my coworkers to run away from the building (towards the big main lawn/main building), and we managed to escape the explosion.

It's no demon sex dream, but there you have it. I know they may not sound like bad dreams, but they had that effect in my sleep state.

Anyhow, that's all said and done. Monday I start school again -- ack! I want to get to the office today to try to change one of my classes. It sounds like fun, but I've heard things about the prof (rumours of 60-page midterms and final exams), and I don't want to deal with that in my final semester. :P It's been a crazy holiday, trying to find time for so many people and sometime succeeding, other times not. :P I've also been working stupid crazy hours, so that hasn't helped much.

Ah well... once school starts again, I'm sure this site'll see more action -- I'll be using my cathartic writing again. :) For now, I'm off to finish getting ready, and perhaps give Shadow a poke. She's howling for no reason. :)

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