Ah, home sweet home. Time to catch up on owed phone calls, owed emails, and sleep.

Oh, wait. It's 2 a.m. Perhaps it's just time to catch up on sleep at the moment.

However, a quick rundown of the last few days (checks notes from prior entries to refresh memory):

Let's see, Wednesday I worked from 3:30 until 10:00. It was pretty quiet, and I was spending a lot of time chatting with D, the 19-year old guy who works in mags. We got to joking about him looking at porn magazines and he told me a story about finding one in the washroom once, and he left it there, but the guy who used the washroom after him thought it was his and handed it to him. He was embarrassed. :)

Anyhow, we were getting pretty stupid and tired, and so he started clowning around to make me laugh. At one point, I glanced over while he was putting mags away and he was rubbing one of his buttcheeks. As I wondered if I was supposed to see this or not, he looked over at his shoulder at me and grinned. I started laughing. Later in the evening, and I can't even remember why, he came up to me and wrapped his arms around me from the side, and hooked one leg around my legs to give me a hug/hump. I can't quite remember what it was meant to achieve, but it sure as hell cracked me up.

I cashed out and came back to grab my water bottle. D told me to come back downstairs and say goodbye when I left. I was somewhat confused, but said okay. I grabbed my stuff, came back down and said bye. He said he'd walk me to the door, and asks me when I'm working next.

He walks me outside, I reach up to pat his hair (which he wears quite poofed up) and told him to stay out of the porn mags. He takes my hand and gives it a squeeze, and I'm left wondering if, had I shown the slightest bit of interest, he'd have tried to kiss me. Weird.

I go home and very shortly go to bed. Must get up in the morning, for tomorrow is...

I get up early (note the lurching post, that applies to both Thursday and Saturday; I don't do mornings well). I work all day, then E and I get together for dinner. We eat food (mine wasn't too bad), we laugh a lot, he proposes to me and we laugh a lot more. Around nine I head home, grab a bath and then head out to hang out with C for awhile. Watched some bad television with his roommates, chat for awhile, then I head home.

Get up, go to work. Get together with Jenn, and we hit the dirty porn store. Okay, not really -- we went to the clean porn store. :) I bought a magnet that has a blue bunny on it holding a knife and underneath it says, "Cute but pyscho, so things even out." And a pin that has a slogan on it I saw years ago that I thought was funny: "I fuck everything that moves, so don't fidget."

*waits until various male friends stop twitching in their seats*

Yes, yes. I've seen it before. :)

Anyhow, we met up with E and then headed over to the Thai restaurant, where Stefan, Matt and Angus were patiently awaiting us. After some badgering, everyone figured out what they wanted, and as has been detailed in a few blogs, Stefan got a whole fish. It was a small fish, but it came complete with all the accessories -- you know, head, tail, eyes, etc. Stefan being Stefan, he started mucking about with the fish, telling Jenn and I what his favourite parts of the fish were, and eating straight from the carcass. I couldn't watch. I kept turning away, especially once he was left with mostly the head and started talking about how good head meat was. While I was laughing, I still couldn't watch.

E was as entertaining as always, and the lot of us discussed various topics associated with sex, masturbation, and other assorted "dirty" things -- quite loudly, I assume. I'm quite bad at regulating my voice, as many people who've publicly shushed me can attest.

After we finished dinner, we wandered over to the cat house and sat outside chatting for several hours. Jenn and I enjoyed being lesbians for awhile, though somehow all the guys missed out on our passionate mad make out session; their loss. Our group split up around quarter to ten or so, and Angus, E and I headed over to get some hot drinks, some warming up and some washroom privileges. I bought a Beeker puppet that sits on top of a candy cane stick, and Angus and E chatted. Eventually we all split up again and caught buses home.

I woke up (read the lurching stuff) and went into work. Wow, was it busy. There was a constant line up, and some snotty people. *grr* I can deal with them, I just don't let it get to me. That's what venting here is all about! :)

I worked non-stop until my shift was over, then sat with my feet up for awhile and flipped through a UHM magazine until it was time to get ready for the bachelorette party. Headed over to the restaurant and had a great time chatting with the ladies over really tasty Indian food for several hours. Our bill was really big, and I put it on my credit card 'cause I'm really stupid and didn't bring much cash with me (I thought I had a twenty on me, but it turns out I only had two fives). We got out of the restaurant just before 11, so I had enough time to run over to work and grab my backpack before the store closed.

However, I forgot my sweatshirt, so I had to go back today to grab that. Although I wasn't freezing, I really wanted it 'cause it was so cold and rainy today -- a condition that's apparently going to last until Friday or so. Urgh.

Today was spent schlepping around downtown. I called up Jay at one point to tell him about the Klingon story, which he already knew about. I like telling people things they don't know.

I think everyone at work was super-bored; K and W kept popping in to chat with me, and we were all being insanely stupid and goony. W and I were trading information on relationship issues, and we have somewhat different philosophies, it would seem. Not drastically different, but slightly.

I called up E at one point 'cause I was bored and wanted to see if he'd had fun the other night. He was at work, but called me back and asked if I wanted to grab a coffee when I was done. We headed over to the same restaurant we ate at the other night, and spent a bit of time chatting and stuff. Speaking of different philosophies on relationships... whew! :) He's really high-energy, and today I felt awfully zonked, so it was tough to keep up with him, but I think I sorta managed. Probably not.

So now I'm all caught up, at least here, and headed off to bed. I think I'll do a bit more writing (stuff that won't go anywhere but my little books), and then pass out. The last few days have been insanely packed with work and social events, so I haven't had time to talk to anyone that wasn't in my immediate presence for quite some time. :P I think the next few weeks are going to be a bit slower, so it'll probably be easier to find me online, and I might even have time to catch up on the emails that have been sitting, unanswered, in my various mailboxes for oh, say, a month or more. Urgh.

Note to self: charging cell phone is a good thing. Having it die is not good. :P

Ah yes; and somewhere in there, finally made the time to write an email to J to apologize for having turned insane on him after the breakup. We chatted it out a bit back and forth, and I think things are going to be a bit more comfortable between us in the future. I think. I hope. I hate being awkward.

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