Ah, excitement galore in my life.

Oh, wait. I lie. Nothing's going on today, except that Shadow's being treated for a potential bladder infection. The diseases run rampant in my household this week. :)

Anyhow, managed to get an article (mostly) written for the WB today. I'll likely post it from home, if I have the opportunity. I kinda want to be out and about, and I kinda want to be ensconced in the basement, watching movies or some such.

Hrm. Maybe I'd like to be sleeping. Stupid going to bed at 4:30 is likely not helping my case of strep. :P

I've been having fun planning what I'm going to do when I get new place. I'm looking forward to doing things like buying fresh fruits from the vendors (although they're hardly going to be around much longer after I'm gone), lounging in my sluggiest clothes or butt nekkid (as I say, my place is going to be a naked place). I'll have booze in the fridge and I'll cook nice meals and maybe invite people over to try them out. :) I'll watch movies when I want to and maybe television (although at this point I don't think I'll be getting cable; maybe if I want to watch tv I'll invite myself over to someone's place). I hope that I can get a better-paying job so that I can afford to have a cat around the place... that's going to be one of the hard things. I know I'm going to miss Shadow and Digger a lot.

However, I'll be showing up at my current place a fair bit to pick up mail, hang out with the cats, and get free meals. :) Plus, I'll be sure to invite people over a lot -- my place will likely always be available for hanging out, should someone want to, and although I won't have an especially large television for movie-watching, I'll have VHS and DVD capabilities (if you don't mind watching the latter on my computer).

I guess this kinda sounds like I'm trying to convince myself it'll be good, aren't I? Well, there will likely be a housewarming party at some point, but it'll consist of groups of four or five people invited over in chunks of time; my place is teeny. :)

I'm trying to keep an eye on my spending. I start feeling guilty when I buy things now, unless I feel that they will be necessary for the new place -- i.e., I feel no guilt over having bought towels, 'cause I need 'em. Same thing with my little shelves.

Anyhow, must get back to other things. More later, I'm sure; I'm feeling like writing. :)

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