Well, got the angry bitter doctor, which has its pluses and minuses. The plus is that I'm in and out really quickly; the minus is that he's the angry bitter doctor. No worries. I'm being treated for strep throat, and it seems to be what I have/had; I felt a lot better by afternoon yesterday, and today seems to continue to include some improvements.

Went to the garage sale yesterday with Mom. They didn't really have much, but I managed to pick up some little shelving things that I'll be able to use to hold assorted crap that I own. I may wind up using one of them as a television stand, which goes to show how small my television is. :) I also picked up some towels from the Bay, 'cause they were having a big sale, and Mom told me what it was that I got for my birthday, as she was worried I might go out and buy one myself -- a microwave.

Yeah, I might go out and see one one day and just buy it. And then somehow magically transport it home. :)

Mom and Dad also picked me up some pyrex dishes and some pots, so I'm on my way to stocking a kitchen. The pyrex ware is a "lovely" shade of blue, and includes a flan dish, so I have to learn to make flan, according to my dad. My mom chimes in: "She can make pies in it, too!" I find this amusing, 'cause I make a lot of pies. :)

Actually, I make a graham-cracker crumb crust/chocolate pudding pie from scratch. It's tasty-licious, so I'll stop undermining my own stories now.

I was pretty exhausted at work yesterday, and the day seemed to just drag. I was drinking lots of water to try to soothe my throat, so it also meant that I went to the bathroom no less than about a million times during my shift, which was kinda frustrating.

We're getting new turbo machines at work soon, so they're kinda half set up. One or two of them around one side of the cash rack (yeah, that's right, I said rack, not wrap!) beep or make various noises occasionally. One of the seniors went over to one and picked up the pin pad to listen to see if it was still making noises, and I found this funny enough that I laughed for awhile. She started laughing too, 'cause she knew she looked kinda goonie.

Which also reminds me... one day recently I was working the other side of the rack and something someone said amused me and I laughed loud -- for those of you who've heard me laugh loud, you'll know what this laugh is. Anyhow, one guy was leaning against the end of the rack, reading a magazine, and he turned and gave me a dirty look. The fuck? Ah well, we've already established that customers are asses.

Got together for a quick drink at Second Cup with E and R, one of the other cashiers at work. E did his usual puppy with ADD conversational links, and when he went to get himself a drink R and I discussed it somewhat and I gave her some ideas of what I do when I want to throw him off course. He came back and we wound up on a total work rant, all the various things we hate about customers and how they can't seem to find anything for themselves or even think for themselves. I wouldn't mind working in retail so much if it weren't for the shit pay, sore feet, and stupid, ignorant people.

At the same time, I think I had a few guys giving me the once-over yesterday. It seemed as if two guys that I can think of gave me more appreciative looks than I'm used to getting, so that was kinda cool. Nothing was said, and I think a third might've been flirting a wee bit, but I'm usually bad at reading those things.

In other news... C and E double-teamed me to stamp me yesterday. The ink in our stamps thingys doesn't wash away easily, and I wasn't super-thrilled. Of course, I did poke E with a marker first, but he smushed me, so it's all kinda cyclical. We were *really* bored by that point in the day; the rush had completely died off and we were all just kinda marking time until we could leave. I chatted for awhile with a few of the other coworkers at various points in the day: J, who I call sunshine 'cause he always seems bitter and angry, but we talked and I think we're kinda friendly now; and K, who I think is new (or was away for awhile, I don't remember), he and I chatted about music. As you may have noticed, I'm not aiming for grammatical accuracy today.

Ah well... it feels nice to sit and write for awhile. It's not as if there's been a lot going on lately, just the usual work baloney, although getting to see Big A for awhile last week was cool. I had a dream that I saw a twin friend of mine, but it was at some weird social event where D's friend Kira was skating around and lighting designs she'd pre-drawn in gasoline on fire with a candle. It was all done to music and very cool.

In other news, there's a crapload of dust and cat hair in my keyboard. :P I'm looking forward to playing house in September. I've already told E he has to hang out a lot so that I don't get lonely. I just hope I'm not too cramped for space, 'cause that's part of what makes it hard for me to get motivated to clean my room now; there's nowhere to put anything, so I don't try to put it anywhere else.

Anyhow, gotta get some breakfast into me. I'm more alert now, and I still have some errands to run before I head downtown. Must remember to deposit paycheques and hopefully get writing in my various notebooks and for Whore's Boudoir. I have a few potentially good ideas percolating for articles, so I hope they pan out nicely.

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