I saw Bad Boys II last night with E and a few of his friends. It was violent and occasionally had things that made you go "eww," but overall it was pretty fun.

Really, that's about all there is to say about the evening. I spent the afternoon watching Buffy with D and just hanging out in the house. We made perogies and left the dishes in the sink, intending to get to them a little later in the afternoon. D and I dozed off on the couch, and when Mom came home, we went upstairs to bring up our dishes from there and tidy up. As we were cleaning up, my mom is telling me (in a pissy tone) to wash our dishes and we should run the dishwasher, 'cause it was full, and that we had to get out of the way so they could start dinner.

First, we were cleaning up!

Second, my dad wasn't yet home and she was on the phone, so whose way were we in?

Third, we were in the midst of cleaning up!

Argh! This is the stuff that makes me need to be out. Thankfully, I be out soon enough. :)

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