Not happy. Tired, feeling quite icky and unpleasant, wanting things to be healed and over and done with.

I managed to lock my keys in the car yesterday, which was ever so fun. My mind was on other things, and I realized that they weren't where I thought they ought to be. I called D and got the, "How much later are you going to be?" with the resigned tone, to which I explained I was in fact downtown -- on time -- I was just insanely stupid.

I wanted to cry. I feel and felt uncomfortable and gross and itchy and annoyed with myself and then yesterday was a whole bundle of stuff. Just everything and nothing and things are all messed up and even if I could fix then I wouldn't know how.

Sorry, just did a web search for something and managed to turn up this page: http://www.threelaccandidadefense.com/yeast.html. I love how they make it seem as if having a yeast infection is the worst possible thing you could ever go through, and that some of the symptoms include suicidal depression, autism, learning disabilities and chronic hives. The fuck?

Anyhow, yeah. Had some fun chats with Shawn last night (who I'm currently channeling with all the emphasis), and then had some weird chats with E. Most likely going to his hometown at the end of the summer, just trying to map out when and whether or not it'll interfere with my birthday/D's departure.

Also learned that he (E) doesn't like the way I tell stories (sometimes). I (usually) like to provide details in my stories, 'cause I feel they're important. Details are needed to understand why it is that a particular person was annoying me so much, or why those questions were funny, or why it made me feel happy. As he said, my stories are rambly, but a cohesive whole. His stories, on the other hand (and he'll admit this!), are often rambly and travel across many different topics that could in some way be interrelated, but aren't part of the original story, and all of this... but for some reason my way is more annoying. Well, 'cause he said it's how his mom tells stories. Bah.

Two of my fish have impressive bubble nests going. This means they're happy, which makes me happy.

So, now it's time to get ready for work and stuff. Yay. Hopefully today will bring on some healing and make me happier.

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