Still tired, still some ill. I feel at my worst first thing in the morning.

I went to my second pet store today in the quest for food for the fish; second place to be sold out of that food which the wee ones prefer. Kinda annoying, to be honest. At least I'm not right out of food.

Watched Ice Age today with D; entertaining movie. I still think Boo from Monsters, Inc. was cuter, though.

D prevented me from spending money on DVDs today; I have to remember that I have a birthday coming up, and hope that there will be love shown my way. I had a list of things I wanted, but so far I can't seem to get beyond seasons 2 and 3 of Buffy; I know there are other things, but I just can't recall what. Maybe someone to pick out nice bras for me that happen to fit and be comfortable? I hate bra shopping and shoe shopping. And yet somehow, I am still a woman.

Meh. Must actually get some sleep. I didn't go to work today, so tomorrow has the potential for a great deal of business, especially since I have to depart at 3:30 for book store stuff. Must remember to talk to my manager about my evaluation -- a $0.25 raise is a big deal.

I also began my potential career as a temp yesterday. I did the interview process and took the Word and general typing tests. The tests were kinda ass -- I somehow managed to score higher on the advanced word questions than I did on the intermediate ones, which led to some mocking from E ("Oh, you can't open the bag of cookies? Perhaps it's an intermediate bag of cookies!"), but there you have it. The keyboard was also somewhat ass, so my typing wasn't what it should've been, but I still managed a respectable 77 words a minute, so I can't complain too loudly.

Anyhow, off to bed for me now. No sleeping in until 1 tomorrow. :P

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