Urgh. Throat still sore. Still feel like ass. No one appears to be updating their websites. Up way too early -- notice it's before 7 a.m.? That's right, I've been up since 6:30, since we have to drive 45 minutes to a freakin' garage sale out in the middle of nowhere. And this is in spite of the rain; "maybe we'll get a better deal" she says. Pfft.

I'm grumpy. I've decided that'll be my status for today.

I'm going to see, if we have time, if I can swing by one of those clinics and get my throat checked out. I can generally deal with illnesses until they pass, but this doesn't seem to be showing any improvement in any direction, so I want drugs to fix it. *pout* Maybe if I have something severely contagious, it'll keep D and E away from my food, the moochers. :)

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