Another day... another day. I went to the gym today and worked out all the machines (well, learned how to use them and did a set on each), plus did my cardio and stuff. Before that, I went into Fairweather and spent a lot of money on work clothes. I need to class up my wardrobe, and they were having a great sale, plus they usually have nice things to wear.

After the gym, swung by the piercing studio to make sure that my ear swellage is normal -- it is. He also told me how I could try to get rid of my keloid if I was so inclined; it's formed behind my helix piercing and it's been there forever, but I think it's part of what's made the earring somewhat uncomfortable at times.

On my way over to the bookstore to say hi to D, I decided to pop into Disco-go-round to see if they had any decent DVDs... and man, did I buy a lot of crap there. :) I picked up 11 DVDs in all, including three MSTs that I'm using to replace my VHS copies -- that I will promptly sell on eBay. :)

Pestered D at work for a bit and chatted with some coworkers, then it was off home to sit about and brief my folks on my day. I got my papers for the MJ today, so I'm going to be contacting my references soon and seeing if they're still amenable to writing me letters and filling out forms so I can give another school more money. Yay. :P

Just waiting for a disc to burn and then I'm off to watch my brand-new used copy of Ace Ventura and have raucous fun.

I just got an ICQ from Shawn: "YOU THERE. COME HERE." My friends, eh? :)

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