Last night I gathered D, Shawn and Glord over at Shawn's place and we played Taboo and cards by candlelight. Cards was fun, except when D hit me -- he was upset that I had usurped him during Asshole and became vice president while he became vice ass. Competitive people suck. :P

We laughed a lot and chatted, and got to use terrible and fun clues for Taboo; some of them were easy, like "I have one of these on my ankle" (tattoo) and others were more specific to the person who was our partner -- "You've been told to eat more of these, they're full of protein" (eggs). Others were just awful and can't be repeated here, but they were funny.

What was especially funny was getting one particular clue that Shawn was trying to explain to Glord and he started out by talking about how it was a slang term for female parts (this was a conversation we'd had the last time I was over), and Glord started listing things like "gash" and "slit" and whatnot; we tended to forget sometimes in our effort to be funny that there was no way these things would appear on a card. The answer, btw, was beaver.

So the evening was pretty fun. Shawn was making fun of me because here I was, an hour after the black out (sitting on a bus) and I was calling people to arrange for non-electricity required fun. As they put it, here the Eastern seaboard is without power, and Jen's looking to get together and party. Aside from everyone getting all stressed and super into the games, we had fun. :) As always, I was right in my awesomeness.

I think the a/c just kicked in here at work, since it feels cooler and my coworker's board just reset. It was getting pretty uncomfortable in here, especially with all of the equipment that we have.

I kept hoping that the book store would stay with its power out and we wouldn't open -- what I don't understand is the number of people downtown. You don't have to work, you're too stupid to go into your basement at home or sit around with your friends and neighbours and shoot the shit, so you have to come downtown and consume? What the fuck is up with that? Argh!

I'm just tired. I haven't gotten enough sleep for several days running, and it's catching up with me, I think. I was up early this morning 'cause the phone kept ringing -- various people calling everyone else to check in and ensure that this or that was going to open. My sister is lucky; I am not. Poo.

I was planning to hit the gym today, but that kinda got changed. :) I might do it tomorrow after work but before the birthday festivities, or even before work. I doubt I'll want to wake up that early, though.

I realized today heading into the shower that my birthday is a week from tomorrow. Wow; hadn't realized it was coming up so soon. I'm gonna be old. :P If anyone is wondering what they should get me... S'okay, I love prezzies, but I don't expect anything. :)

Anyhow, this is kinda going nowhere. I had fun on the bus yesterday; a trip that would normally take about 10 minutes took an hour. Everyone was getting along with everyone else and just having fun chatting and laughing. I read that there were pedestrians directing traffic, and construction crews or city employees were tossing them the orange and yellow vests so they would be more visible. :) I think that's pretty awesome -- first, that people would jump in and do it, and second that they'd get provided with things to help them out.

As I walked to my second job yesterday, I heard a woman behind me state, "Well, a power outage like that deserves some ice cream!" As I kept walking and came abreast with the ice cream vendor, I saw a sign on the front that said "Sorry, no power = no ice cream." Made me laugh. :)

I now have two hours to kill before my other job. *sigh* This is gonna be a long, crappy day. :P

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