Jay rocks my socks:

Me: Very cool. :) Any idea the next time you'll be in town?
Jay: Christmas.
Jay: And probably not for long.
Me: Boo.
Me: I disagree
Jay: Oh? How come?
Me: 'cause you have to hang around longer and check out my bachelorette pad!
Me: And disapprove of whomever I'm dating. :)
Jay: That's my job! :)
Me: Exactly! :)
Jay: I'll find time somewhere during my trip to cast a disapproving gaze. ;)
Me: Pfft :)
Jay: So, who do you intend to be seeing in December?
Me: *shrug* I haven't picked him out yet. ;)
Jay: I ought to prepare some dirty names for him beforehand. :)
Jay: The acronym thing is so overdone. ;)
Me: *laugh*
Me: Will you ever approve of anyone I date?
Jay: I have approved of some. I never said anything bad about D.
Me: You never met D :)
Jay: I did! :) Once! For two minutes!
Me: Did you?
Jay: At J's house.
Jay: On my last trip.
Me: That was E
Me: He dumped me. :)
Jay: Oh, stupid ass.
Me: That's better ;)
Jay: I didn't like him, when I met him. ;)
Me: *rofl
Jay: Just kidding.
Me: Nono, funnier this way ;)

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