Fun evening with Shawn and A from work. Just grabbed some snacks and did some chatting and made our waitress laugh when she overheard my comment about having requested guys to shave their balls before. I laughed, too. :)

Learned some more things about the E situation that got my rage kinda going, but I was able to overcome it with conversation and fun and distraction stuff. S'all good, I hope. Getting very tempted to either confront or write an email explaining out my perspective, but the other part of me just wants to have him approach me. This is just plain dumb and frustrating and I want out.

I think Stinky is sick or depressed, and it has me worried. Dr. Seuss seems concerned about him. I hope he's okay. :(

Saw a bunny today, thereby proving Shawn and D wrong. I rule. :)

Oops, maybe Stinky was just resting. Y'know, pining for the fjords (let's see who gets that one).

I'm off to bed. Got a gym appointment tomorrow, where a stranger gets to tell me how fat and out of shape I am. And I'm paying her to do it! Ah well, it's a step on the right direction to getting fit and buff and hot. *flex* Here's hoping I have the determination to actually make it happen. Just like all this job stuff (although with the E situation, that's getting easier and easier to pursue).

A and I got to rate the various guys at work today and vent/gossip a little about our coworkers for awhile. And we did it all without complaining about customers! :) Poor Shawn, though. I think we bored him. :(

Btw, if you have any suggestions for things I should buy when I visit Shawn's store, speak up. I've been promised (I think) a discount. :)

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