Have cobbled together primitive form of Internet access stop Had to install new version of XP stop Probably crapping things all up to hell comma but at least I have access final stop

If you wish to get hold of me comma have various chat programs up and running stop Should be receiving aid from father for importing old settings into new installation. Hope it's possible.

Okay, so I've given up on trying to make this seem like some kind of telegram; I'm sure few people got the joke anyhow. :P :)

Had fun at work today with A; of course, about the first thing the senior said when she told me A was working was that we weren't allowed to work on the same side of the till because we'd talk and ignore customers, which is a load of *crap*. I've worked *plenty* of shifts where I was the only cashier taking customers whereby there were three or four of them gathered beside me, chatting.

And this was on my first day back with A since my week off -- when I told her the story (which she'd been cautioned about, too), she and I both got some rage on.

So yeah, I knew there'd be issues overall with the computer thing, and it's tough to muddle through 'em without Dadu around to help. The version of Trillian Pro that I want to use is on our home server, as are probably a number of other programs. It makes it tough to set things up the way I'd like to. :P

It's weird how cut off or at loose ends I felt when the computer and television weren't set up. It's not as though I spend a great deal of time watching television, but it's nice to have the option. The computer, on the other hand... well, it's a limb. I'll admit it, I'm addicted.

My dad emailed my phone (speaking of me being a geek, which I was actually only thinking while I wrote that last sentence, but it does apply) this afternoon to mention that my aunt has a boyfriend, and he's a geek. Of course, knowing the way my family teases, this guy could just be someone who talks to my aunt, or who has a crush on her, but it's still neat to hear. :)

And in incoherent posting theatre... A was saying today that she wondered how long it would be before E called me. I told her that I had HUGE doubts he would, especially considering the way he supposedly scoffed when she originally asked him (about a month ago or so -- shortly after the dumping) if he'd be asking me out again in September. When I brought that up, she said, "yeah, but then he got all stupid and male" and whatnot -- I took this to mean that in her opinion, he was perhaps trying to cover up that he might've been thinking it or something.

I was also being asked by a few employees today whether or not D and I had broken up. Technically, we have, but it seems to have the wrong connotation to it to say that we broke up. Maybe I should say we separated? :) One of the other employees yesterday was asking if "I missed my little D" -- I wasn't entirely sure how to respond, what with the mocking tone and all. :)

It feels kinda weird not having the comments on my page. I like having people respond with love and rotten vegetables to things I say. Of course, since no one can respond in a public forum, this is my chance to get a few things off my chest... ;)

Ah well, maybe later. The waxing eloquent that I was thinking of doing will have to wait; it's late and I have to bus home early tomorrow to retrieve my fish, some knives and various other things that I could really use here at the new place.

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