Well, the knitting course went pretty well. I now have the makings for two scarves, so we shall see how they turn out. I'll be a knitting machine!

I spent the night at the folks' place, and my mom was pissing me off last night; one of the first thing she does upon getting home is poke me in the stomach and say, "I see you're getting quite the belly!" Thanks Mom. Me and the baby are doing great, thanks for asking. :P

Then she was bitching me out for not having asked specifically about people's health; I'm thinking, I call the house periodically so I can get updated on the haps, and half the time you can't get me off the phone fast enough. What the fuck? Ah well. Hung out with some crew for a bit before heading home and things were a bit better.

I went to bed downstairs and got some mad snuggling from Digger. He's such an awesome cat. I got some pictures and some video of him and Shadow playing earlier, which I will post at some point or another (kinda sorta waiting for this new move and all, but it keeps not happening -- I think we're now a month past when people absolutely no questions asked wanted to have it done. I don't know what's going on; I just type in the pretty box and my words get sent to you. I don't know anything about coding, beyond what's necessary to break my site :). I didn't get him eating on his hind legs, but I did get him playing with his catnip bag, so that's gold material right there.

I woke up at some point in the night thinking, "Where the hell am I?" which doesn't happen to me very often -- regardless of where I fall asleep, unless it's on a bus (at which point, it's more "where is the bus right now?"), I don't have any moments of uncertainty when I wake up, at least about where I am. There's often the, "Do I really need to be up right now?" feeling, and sometimes I have to cycle through what day of the week it is so I can determine that yes, dammit, I do need to be awake.

Ah well. Speaking of awake and whatnot, I still am and I really shouldn't be, so I'm off to the bed.

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