Oh yeah, and in case I forget... the demon beast loves glasses.

Last night, she stole my glasses from off the computer desk and trotted over to the bed with them. I rescued them and replaced them.

She also tipped over a water glass that I had on my desk, which was about half-full. Fortunately, I was sitting right there. Unfortunately, as my apartment is filled with slanty floors, this caused a lake effect at the back of the desk, which I didn't immediately notice.

It only took her coming back soggy and me sticking my hand back there to realize, "hey, there are a few inches of water back here."

Go easy on me, it's been a rough few days.

Oh yeah, and her tipping over the glass isn't an isolated incident, either; she likes to tip over glasses that I leave on the floor by the couch. Partly it's investigation, partly it's just kitten playfulness. Either that, or demon spawnishness. Damn cat.

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