Okay, so Mozilla is annoying me because all of a sudden, after an MSN crash, my profile disappeared, and along with it all of my bookmarks and tabs. This is why I hate using Mozilla -- it does incredibly stupid, inexplicable shit on my computer on a regular basis. This isn't the first time something stupid has started happening without warning or real provocation.

*sigh* My kitten is getting more aggressive than I like. I woke up this morning at 8 to her pouncing on my hands and things. So I fed her, hoping that would keep her away for awhile... and it did. About five minutes. Then she was back to gnawing on my hands, feet and arms, stalking me and pouncing on my face, and generally being an absolute pain in the ass. I've trying loud noises, I've trying blowing in her face, I've tried giving her a time out, I've tried putting her away from me... nothing. She doesn't scare easily now, partly I think because I tried to make her feel comfortable when I first got her, and now she's turbo pest.

I think today I'm off to buy a water bottle, and we'll see if that works. Research says she's supposed to grow out of this phase by about 10 weeks, but that's still a ways away... it's gotten so that now I'll kinda gently lob her away from me -- either tossing her onto the bed if I'm at the computer or even just whipping my leg a little more violently than I might've before to try to discourage her. For now, that seems to be having some effect, albeit quite minor. She's a confident little shit.

Maybe I should've named her something non-aggressive, like Daisy or Muffin. :P

And of course, because I was writing about her being a shit and stuff, now she's settled in my hand and is being sweet. Damn manipulative cat.

She's also a thief. I typically remove my jewelry for the day while I'm seated at my computer, and I'll leave it on my desk. I've been trying to stop that habit since I've gotten her, what with the not wanting her to steal my jewelry or choke on it when I'm not around. Well, the other day she kept going after this beaded necklace I had on the desk. I took it, put it under some stuff, and thought the problem was more or less resolved.

Then, when I went to bed, I laid down on my stomach and put my hands under my pillow... to find my necklace. At least I know where she keeps her stash, right? She was also trying to nab rings at some point, but I foiled that plot.

And finally, I found where she'd stashed a few of her toys. Well, I can't find all of them, since I personally have a harder time getting under my student desk or my nighttable than she might -- she who still can stuff herself into my keyboard tray -- but this too will soon pass.

I went and saw Cats last night with my mom and had a really good time. I'm glad she went with me, 'cause I'm not sure that I would've gone alone and then I would've missed out. Of course, I didn't know that Ben wanted to see it, 'cause I didn't even think to ask him about it, but live and learn. :)

I remember in grade 7 we had to do a recitation in front of the class. I chose T.S. Eliot's "The Naming of Cats," partly because I liked it and I already had it 99% memorized from listening to the music. When I stood in front of the class, this girl Catherine that I was friends with (who later hated me because a boy she'd been madly in love with for ages liked me and not her) mouthed the words along with me, which really annoyed me. I later mentioned it to her and she completely denied doing it -- despite her grinning madly and covering up her mouth when I looked at her doing it when I stood up there.

I'm also going to see the Mikado at the end of the month with Big A, which should be fun. Yes, I confess -- I like musicals. :)

In other news, for those that don't already know, I went and put another hole in my body a few weeks back. As always, I want it to hurry up and be healed, but I think it's doing okay. It's been awhile since I've had to heal something non-cartilage, so it's better and different in ways I can't explain unless you, too, have healed many piercings.

My trainer and I did work with a Bosu ball the other day; it's like half an exercise ball with a plastic base, and it's for strengthening your core and stuff. The pushups I did with it were both easier and harder, but it was the sitting on it and doing yoga poses that was hardcore ab workouts. She said we're going to start doing 15 minutes of this person session (essentially my ab workouts), so soon I should have rock-hard abs!

Okay, that's a lie. But it will come that my pants will be falling off of me even worse than they do now. :) Mind you, it's weird -- they're snug in the legs still, but looser in the waist/hips. It's a nice feeling, I guess... just wish it looked more obvious. But my trainer says I'm getting a nice solid look to me, and I can tell in some areas that I am.

Ah well... I was thinking of writing a spiel here about how I all-too-often let ex-boyfriends treat me like shit, but I don't feel like going into it. I'm really hungry, and I want to spoil myself, so I think I might make pancakes.

Then again, I'm feeling lazy, so English muffins it is.

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