Note to self: Stop slacking off and get on the masters application.

Cards mailed out today, as well as Hydro paid. I rule. Now I just have to remember to deposit the cheques sent to me for my mother's birthday (which was April 11th, and I got the cards before that).

What else? Well, I'm actually sorta maybe doing okay on this money thing, or at least I will be once my debts get paid off.

I also have purchased my URLs (I believe). Gord was working on it for me, and so I think they're mine. That means that after 2 1/2 years of being at this site, there will be a new address for it. I'm not revealing it yet, in case the details of the purchase aren't yet finalized, but both The Litterbox and the Whore's Boudoir will be moving to new addys. I will of course look after ensuring everyone gets there, and I even have some ideas for changes to make to both sites. Now I just have to learn to code things so as to stop breaking the Internet. ;)

I also cancelled all of my plans for tonight, including the gym, so I can go hang out with Thena for a bit before I go out to my parents' place in time to watch Angel and so on. Yayayay, Angel. :)

Anyhow, time to book if I'm going to get everything done on time and so on. I thought I actually had something interesting/intelligent to say, but apparently those rumours were competely unfounded.

Everyone wish me luck on my driving test tomorrow!

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