Wow, my posts jumped from 1,084 to 1,127 between today and yesterday. I'm prolific!

I forgot to mention a funny Thena moment when I posted the other day. I was in the shower, and she knocked the tub plug into the tub (she likes to play with it). She then walked from one end of the tub to the other... she started out on the edge of the tub, came in and then went back to the other end of the tub before getting back up and out of the spray -- I think she went after it and didn't think about the whole water thing. I didn't actually see the whole event, but I heard the plug hit the tub and then I felt her brush my ankle, so I was able to deduce what happened... 'cause I'm smrt.

Urgh. I want my ceiling to be repaired -- no one did anything to it yesterday, so the poor demon spawn was locked up all day for nothing. Then late last night D dropped in and he kept her all riled up, so she was evil for the rest of the evening, just after she'd finally been settling down. :P Even this morning she switched from nice kitty to evil one pretty quickly. Pardon me for going to the gym after work, I guess. :P

I had a few weird dreams last night, including one that had me having sex of some sort or another, but I don't really remember them now.

I also have a new flat-screen monitor at work. It's kinda sexy, except that it makes some things display wonky 'cause it's bigger than my previous monitor. I should probably reset the display settings, but I'm lazy.

I've also been getting into Gilmore Girls lately. I bought the first season on DVD, and I've been watching those episodes, not to mention reading episode summaries and even transcripts online today. Did I mention I've had nothing to do the last few days? Urgh. I should be working on my masters application, or there are little stupid things I could be doing that are actually work-related, but I'm so uninspired and so on that it's tough to get motivated into doing it.

I'm supposed to have plans most days for the rest of the week, but I just feel the need to not do much of anything. At least, that's how I feel today. I'll probably feel better later, when I get rid of the headaches and so on. Stupid girl problems. :P

I went to the gym yesterday, and it was upper body day, and my biceps are a little sore and my lower back hurts from doing deadlifts with crazy amounts of weight. I also did some ab exercises this morning before my shower, and Thena encouraged me by biting my feet and ankles. I was lying on my back doing the bicycle-type move, and she placed herself by my feet so that every time I extended a leg, my foot was convenient for her to attack. I guess my cat likes my stomach the way it is. :P

I think this comic accurately describes my dating life. :)

Also, I have my G2-exit test booked for Thursday morning. I sorta keep forgetting about it, and I'm also nervous about it and expect that I shall fail. Because I have to borrow Mom's car to do it and my test is at 9:00 a.m. (and I have to be there for 8:30), I'm spending the night at the parents' place, then taking the test and so on, as well as taking the rest of the day off. I probably don't need to, but quite frankly, it's dead around here, people are pissing me off, and I want a day off. So there, fit has been pitched.

I have some birthday gifts in the works for Ben (it's his birthday on May 17th, go hassle him and show love!), and I want to arrange that group dinner thing sometime next week perhaps, so that'll be cool. If there's anyone who reads my blog, is friends with Ben and didn't get an email from me yesterday, please email me and I'll let you in on the mad plans. :)

Just sent off a huge long email to the z-list that probably makes absolutely no sense at all and so on, but it felt good to write. Whether or not it made sense. :)

Gah. 25 minutes before I'll feel okay about leaving here. What do you want to bet someone's going to phone me with some stupid task they want me to do in the next, say, 10 minutes? I want the stupid P.M. to call an election and have all the bills die in the House. That would make me happy right now.

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