Wow... Blogger has totally changed its interface, and I can now see how many posts I've made and so on. This post will make me equal in posts to that of Blog Sisters, which is a group blog that's been up longer than mine, I think. Does this mean I write too much? :)

Ah well, decent weekend. Friday night D and I caught Van Helsing, and it was pretty decent. Pretty obvious in some places, and the exploding carriage was hilarious (I was the only one in the theatre laughing, but that's almost what makes it better), but overall enjoyable.

Afterwards he dropped me off at the Habicube, and I said my hellos to a bunch of people, then took pictures of everyone flashing (well, everyone barring Jenn C., myself and Ben), then left for home. I'd been out most of the day and felt bad about abandoning the kitten, so there it was.

That night I went to bed fairly early, 'cause they were supposed to be showing my building at 10 a.m. Now, I would like to ask you, who the fuck views an apartment building at 10 a.m. on a Saturday? I mean, it's not like the units are occupied or anything, so it's not disrupting anyone!

I wouldn't mind so much if I was leaving the building and it was my landlord showing it -- at which point he has to ask my permission to bring people through, whereas this lady just informs me -- but this is my landlord selling the building. Urgh. Very annoying. I grumble. Especially since I'm still dealing with the missing ceiling and so on issue. *sigh* Thena helped me out that morning by working me up at 8 (when I'd thought I'd set the alarm for 8:30), and then again at 9:20 -- at which point I rushed to get ready, only to get a phone call right at 10:00 telling me that the client had cancelled. *grumble*

Ah well. D and I went out of town for a few hours on Saturday, after I ran a few errands and so on. In the pet store, where I was picking up cat food, litter and toys for Thena, I saw an adorable little kitten that I would have taken home if I'd had the money, resources, he wasn't already sold, and I hadn't decided that I would wait until after Thena's spayed and healed to get her a friend -- if I do get one. This guy was about 7 or 8 weeks old, and sleeping sitting up in the cage. He woke up a little and looked around, then started falling asleep again, to the point of the head bob and everything... it was adorable.

In the evening, when I brought all my things back to unpack and so on, I gave Thena her new feathers-on-a-stick toy (the other one is looking a little rough now). She picked it up in her mouth and ran off with it, and I could see her going back and forth with it while I did more unpacking. She was awfully cute with it. :)

From there, I drove back to meet up with my folks to return their car and head over to Ben's place -- we were going to watch the Die Hard movies I'd rented and not had time to watch. Well, we didn't wind up watching them, but we did have a nice chat with his brother J, and J played a bunch of songs for us on his guitar. I'm envious of his and Ben's singing voices, and talent.

I took off a little after 11, 'cause I wanted to get on the last bus and hang out with the kitten before I passed out. I got home around midnight and tried to watch Die Hard, but only got through about 30 minutes of it before I started passing out.

Sunday morning Thena decided I wasn't allowed to sleep in (again), so around 9 I finally got out of bed. She just kept licking my nose and chin, and even snapping the straps of the tank top I was wearing to sleep in, as well as chewing on the little rings that hold the straps to the shirt. She's a weird cat. :P

So I got up, suffered with a headache for most of the day, but got all my laundry done. I was short one stupid quarter to finish it, so I had to go to the store, but it gave me an excuse to shower and dress. I wandered downtown for a bit with an LL guy, felt restless through work, then went for a walk with another LL guy for almost two hours after work. I spent most of it telling tales about my friends and so on.

Speaking of which, note to self -- talk to Mark about his poor bean bag chair again, at least if what Ben says was true. Icky, icky, icky.

Also, my new little memory note to self thingy: A kitten is not an impulse purchase. Betta fish can be, though. :)

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