I was screwing around on the Official Harry Potter site, and if you want to determined what your Boggart is (i.e, what shape the thing would turn into to reflect what you fear most), you rate a bunch of pictures. Well, about four pictures in, this turned up. Fuckin' A.

Yesterday I was at work until a little after 6. I was just shy of a full 12 hours. From there, I met up with Ben and Will to toss around a frisbee for awhile. I showed off how truly horrid I am, although I did improve with a bit of time, and was even managing to deliver the frisbee to where Will was standing -- and nicely in his strike zone, too.

A note to anyone who plays frisbee with Ben -- he can throw it hard. I feared for my fingers, 'cause I am a wimp. A group of people who were playing frisbee nearby asked if we could be stand-in bodies for them, since they were trying to learn a particular ultimate move and were short on bodies. We played for a bit, then as they started to get an actual game going, I booked. I had to get home to the demon spawn, I wasn't dressed for running around, and I just wasn't feeling it. I'm lazy. :)

At home, I played with Thena for a bit and did some work setting up my kitchen. I didn't get everything put away, but I did get a fair bit of cleaning done, and I managed to get most of the dishes that I had out on the counters put away or in the dishwasher. Afterwards, I packed myself off to bed (later than planned) and locked the cat out when she wouldn't stop biting me. I've discovered (and so has she) that some method of throwing herself at the door or something will open it, so I may have to rig up some other method of keeping her out when she's annoying me, or when I have company over that isn't as eager to share the bed with a (sometimes) biting kitten.

As the week's gone on, it's been harder to drag my butt out of bed. I can tell that it wouldn't take much at all to convince me to go back to sleep each morning... which means that, more than likely, tomorrow I'll be wired at 5 a.m. and unable to get back to sleep. :P

Okay, not so likely, but it's a concern. For about five minutes. Then I laugh semi-hysterically for a bit and go back to drooling.

I need socializing this weekend. I also need to buy groceries and continue setting up -- I've taken a day off this week from putting my apartment to rights, but that's not the way to get rid of the boxes. But I need to get out and breathe non-recirculated air or the stale air that comes from my apartment.

Oh yeah! I also finally got my mailbox keys, and managed to empty out my mailbox. The previous tenants never cancelled or moved their mail delivery, so I spent a good five minutes marking "moved" on everything and then schlepping it right back out again. There were a few pieces of my mail in there, and a lot of catalogues... I sent back the Today's Parent ones, but I hung on to the Macleans and the recipes. I'm only human, and if it's paid for... I look at it as being their stupidity for not having cancelled it in the first place. Yeah, that'll appease my conscience.

Oh yeah -- I subscribed to Bust magazine, ordered a bunch of back-issue Ms.es, and in my bid to maintain my grown up, professional image at the government, downloaded the Animaniacs theme song to my work cell as my primary ringer. Hah!

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