Is it weird if the smell of someone is a little like catnip to me, in that I sometimes want to bury my face in them and just sniff?

I got together with a few of the girls yesterday, and we had a total girly afternoon; we played with nailpolish (which is why I now have red toes and blue sparkly fingers), we applied eye makeup to one another and to our (boy) makeup monkey R... I gave him outlandish lips, and vivid pink and purple eyelids. It was awful, but fun.

We made dinner, which consisted of sausages, salad and fresh fruit basted lightly with maple syrup that we grilled; it turned out very nice, even the starfruit. Highly recommended.

After we tired of playing with makeup, we wound up watching this short movie called, "The Gamers" (or the official site, here), which apparently was big online for awhile, and got pressed, whereby OFK bought it for R's enjoyment, and Mad chose to show it to me. It's focused on people playing DND, and if you've ever played a campaign or have geeky friends that can explain some of the humor to you... well, quite worth it. Particularly amusing is Ambrose/Magellan (also kinda hot when he's not wearing the glasses), the Barbarian (whose name I keep forgetting) who keeps blowing his rolls, and Mark. Hell, Nimble and his rolls are great, too. :) I thought it was much better-acted than many of the shorts that I've watched before.

This morning Mark called me and we wound up getting together for some breakfast and part of a movie. I don't know what it is with that family, but so far I've sat down to watch Bend it like Beckham with both Mark and Ben at some point, and we've gotten interrupted both times. Well, with Ben we paused it for a pee break or something that turned into a long discussion about something, and then Mark and I wound up talking and so on and falling asleep for awhile. He snores. :)

Once we got up, it was a nice walk downtown to get some food and for me to get to work and him to return home. Oh joy, oh bliss -- at least, on the work thing.

So far, swearing off boys seems to be paying off. And if you know what's going on in my life right now, that's even a bit funnier. But... I'm spending time with good people, which seem to be a rarity in my life now. I have some really awesome friends, and I appreciate them -- and not just 'cause N hooked up my washer and dryer, for example. Many of my friends are great sounding boards, they're there for me when I need a shoulder to lean on, and I hope they know that and know that I appreciate them for that.

Some of them just exist to give me a hard time, but that's also good. :)

Anyhow, I gotta get to bed, since I have no life anymore -- just a job. Here's hoping that I don't work 50 hours this week... although, without actually doing the math, I think that my overtime will more or less pay for the television I want to buy. It's sick, I know. :)

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